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Ian R Taylor on Perth Road Scone have a selection of carpet roll ends to clear.

We have various pieces of flooring that may be suitable for your home.

With exceptional prices and various sizes and colours we may just have what you are looking for.

Below are just a few examples of what is available. 


Plain Beige 

3.75m x 2.65m     £258.00          2.85m x 4m    £199.00          2.60m x 2m    £140.00       3.25m x 3.66m     £259.00       2m x 3.80m     £   69.00

1.85m 3.95m         £    69.00      Further small pieces of plain beige available.

Grey Stripe   2.60m x 3.97      £155.00

Grey Plain     3.35m x 5m         £435.00

Turqouise Pattern      5.10m x 5m      £867.00

Green Pattern            2m x 2.20m      £149.00         1.55m x 3.66m     £179.00

Green Stripe               1.90m x 3.25m     £180.00


Black Tile    5.95m x 1.55m      £185.00      1.40m x 2m      £   46.00

Dark Plank 6.50m x 4m             £349.00      1.25m x 6.2m  £   99.00

Beige Tile    4.25m x 3m             £229.00